Automated Headhunter for Blue Collar Jobs

From initially reaching out via text to get more detail on applicants to automatically confirming interviews to prevent no-shows, The Hiring Engine is an automated headhunter that gives you superpowers so you can hire the best people.

Applicant status
Target the right people

Targeted ads and marketing to get the right applicants

In today's job market, job boards are full of applicants but short on ones you actually want to hire. The Hiring Engine gets your job in front of more of the right applicants by reaching high potential and high intent candidates across the web.

Targeted ads

Smart, targeted ads

The Hiring Engine uses accumulated data from jobs like yours around the country to run super targeted ads to high potential applicants near you who are likely to have the right skills, backgrounds and licenses.



Because referrals can be valuable but difficult to generate consistently, we provide tools to automatically text and email your current employees regularly to make sure your openings stay top of mind.

Job boards

Job board management

We’ll automatically post your opening to job boards to make sure no great candidates get missed. From Indeed to ZipRecruiter to Google and more, our system will automatically post jobs for you.

Screen applicants automatically

Smart Screening of Applicants

For every job, The Hiring Engine analyzes each applicant against your job requirements, then prioritizes the most qualified and engaged applicants for your job so you don't waste time on applicants who are not likely to fit or retain in your roles.


Automated pre-screening conversations

For each new applicant, The Hiring Engine can automatically reach out to confirm their interest in the job and identify any red flags - such as long commutes and high salary expectations - or confirm specific work experience.  These messages look personal, but run on auto-pilot in the background.

Score candidates

Score applicants based on your job requirements

Whether you need drivers with CDL A’s, operators with two years of experience, or you're just trying to avoid job-hoppers, The Hiring Engine collects information beyond the resume then uses smart scoring algorithms to determine who’s best for your job and help you prioritize.

Texting automation

Automation and Texting Platform

In today’s economy, speed is key. It's a race between you and your local competitors to be first in front of a great applicant. But you don't have time to wait around for people to apply, so we automate key activities in the hiring process such as initial outreach and interview confirmations. Plus, our web-based SMS texting platform makes your communication with candidates efficient and convenient for you.

Schedule interview

Interview scheduling

Once you’ve found an applicant you want to interview, The Hiring Engine’s automatic interview scheduling will take over and coordinate the details so you aren’t constantly playing phone tag.

Reduce no-shows

Confirmation and notification

Interview no-shows are a frustrating drag on your team's productivity. The Hiring Engine proactively confirms scheduled interviews and ensures that applicants have all the information they need to make your appointment productive.


Texting Platform

The best way to reach applicants in today’s job market is via text. The Hiring Engine makes it easy to send texts right from your computer to applicants without the need to use your personal phone number. Templated messages mean that you don’t have to retype things like your office address or the job requirements over and over.

Make your next hire count