A Data-Driven Sourcing Engine

The best people aren't on job boards. The Hiring Engine's data-driven headhunter helps find better applicants even if they already have jobs and they aren't looking. 

Targeted Hiring Ads to find passive applicants

Our Sourcing Engine searches the web for the best applicants

Based on similar jobs we've hired for, we proactively go looking for the best people for the job so we don't just have to rely on job boards since many of the best people have jobs. Our Sourcing Engine acts like a headhunter working just for you - assessing good candidates we think might be interested, running smart targeted ads around the internet to get in front of people who might be interested but aren't looking, and automatically handling all the standard best practices - posting to job boards, building a careers website, asking employees for referrals and more. 

Hiring process improvements and automation

... and automatically does the work of a huge team

Under the hood, the Sourcing Engine takes on hundreds of tasks to get more applicants: designing good looking ads, running ads on thousands of websites to see where they do best, posting and updating job board listings, analyzing where similar jobs got applicants from, and constantly optimizing based on what we learn. We use the same technology used by the world's best marketers to get their products in front of customers ... but to get your job in front of the right people. It's like having a whole team of engineers, designers, marketers, copywriters, and analysts focused just on your job.  

Referral Automation

Maximize your referrals to get more of the best people

Employee referrals give you access to pre-screened applicants vouched for by your current employees and are often some of the longest lasting hires you can make.  Our Referral Automation lets you easily and consistently follow up with your team to get referrals, then reaches out to the potential applicants to get them to apply. 

Interview Confirmations for Hiring

Stop wasting time and money and easily get more applicants 

As our Sourcing Engine looks around the web for the right people, we'll also figure out where the best applicants come from and how much it would cost to find more. If you have a hard to fill job, you can easily choose to turn up the dial to get more applicants and the Sourcing Engine will do all the work for you. 

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