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Automated Text-Messaging to Streamline Recruiting

For you to win the battle for the best candidates, you need to get in touch with them quickly and get them through the interview process, in the door, and making money as quickly as possible. Hourly workers often don’t have … Read More

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Addressing the No-Show Epidemic in Hourly Recruiting

Anyone hiring these days will tell you that no-shows are rampant. Even if you’re able to generate a whole pile of candidates for your openings, that gush turns into a trickle once it comes time for folks to show up … Read More

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Text Messaging Templates for Recruiting Follow-Up

While text messages are one of the most effective ways to reach out to job applicants, we consistently see that figuring out what to say is difficult. We’re excited to launch text-messaging templates to make it easy to send messages … Read More

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Hiring in a Tight Labor Market with Passive Candidate Recruiting

The economy has been on a tear lately. People are spending money and there’s all kinds of work keeping folks busy. On the flip side, there aren’t a whole lot of active job seekers out there to do the work. … Read More

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Text Messaging Job Applicants to Increase Response-Rate

Cellphones have become universal – whether old or young, in an urban or a rural area, and independent of educational background, nearly everyone has a cell phone. According to research by Pew, for those under 50, cell phone adoption rates are … Read More

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