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Automation with Alliance Beverage

Alliance Beverage saw firsthand how The Hiring Engine saves employers time while making hiring easy

Smart Screening of Applicants

For each new candidate Alliance gets, The Hiring Engine instantly screens their application to identify any red flags

Automated Outreach

Alliance Beverage has more time to focus on their staff from using The Hiring Engine's automated messaging

Success with Texting

The Hiring Engine makes it easy for Alliance to send texts right from a computer to their applicants

The Hiring Engine has become Alliance Beverage's sole hiring platform because of its innovative means of communication and ability to completely automate basic hiring practices, giving them a competitive edge.

Alliance Beverage Distributing does business all over western Michigan. In business since 2013, Alliance has 3 distribution facilities, 5 sales offices, over 350 employees, and only 3 HR generalists to handle it all. Since the beginning, Alliance has been committed to the highest standards of performance and this commitment translates into hiring the best people.

Since Alliance's inception, the job market has gotten more cutthroat and fast-paced. With such a competitive environment, Alliance realized that they needed to make their hiring process faster and more engaging in order to win over strong candidates. Unfortunately, Alliance found that it could take more than an hour per applicant just to set up an interview or screening call. The need for additional help grew to a point where the HR team spent almost all their time trying to chase down those few strong candidates in a sea of unqualified people.

Brandy, Susan, and Meaghan make up Alliance's core HR team. They all work together to ensure that every role gets filled, and every delivery makes it out the door. Despite putting in long hours and incredible effort, the candidates they were finding online just weren't up to their standards. Alliance began losing its faith in traditional hiring practices and old outreach techniques.

Before The Hiring Engine

While they each handle parts of the hiring process, Brandy, Susan, and Meaghan at Alliance each deal with so much more than interviewing candidates. Supporting their employees is a priority - fielding questions, signing off on hours, and putting out fires doesn't leave much time in the day for hiring. 

Every year, the demand for new workers has grown. At the start of each day Brandy would go into Indeed, print out all the applications, see if there was any overlap between online applications and physical resumes, then write down the date she called each candidate on a piece of paper. Unless Susan or Meaghan saw that written note about the candidate, they would have no idea if someone had reached out yet. 

As Brandy describes it, "hiring is constant ... we were spending 90% of our time just getting candidates in the door".  An unfortunate result is that Alliance suffers as a whole. Distribution facilities can be stuck short-staffed, hurting morale and productivity.

Beyond the hours it took to contact applicants, it was time-consuming to review them as well. Susan and the others had to download an applicant's resume, write up their opinion on the candidate, and send an email with the resume attached to the departmental hiring manager. Alliance knew there must be a better way.

Hiring is constant ... we were spending 90% of our time just getting candidates in the door

Brandy Reynhout

Alliance's Human Resources Team

With The Hiring Engine

Instead of spending another year trying to keep up with the massive volume of jobs they needed to fill, Alliance brought on The Hiring Engine to revolutionize their hiring practices. As a result, Alliance has filled dozens of positions for a fraction of the cost and time it took before.

Saving Time for Their Staff by Automating Routine Hiring Steps

By automating initial outreach to candidates, The Hiring Engine has given Alliance's HR team time to focus on what matters: their people.

Susan used to spend incredible amounts of time just trying to get a hold of their job-seekers. As she puts it, she "could spend an hour, easily,  just sending voicemails".  Now, that hour can be spent reaching out to candidates that have already engaged with The Hiring Engine's automated messages.

With The Hiring Engine’s responsiveness screening step, the three of them only see applicants that are engaged and enthusiastic about the position. For Brandy, "It's nice to see when an applicant is actually responsive, instead of just hitting apply".  Brandy no longer has to wait until the interview to see if a candidate is actually invested in the job, The Hiring Engine's automatic interest confirmation messages instantly gets her the answer. 

All in all, Brandy now only has to spend 15 minutes to half an hour a day in The Hiring Engine to get all her hiring managers the best candidates

With so much to do, sometimes you can only review a few people. As Brandy puts it, "If I only have the time to review 5 or 10 people, I would like the best to be right in front of me". The Hiring Engine compiles and screens all the applications before it gets to Alliance, sending them the highest quality candidates for the least amount of effort on their end. 

Looking to the Future: Putting Priorities in the Right Place

Brandy, Susan, and Meaghan now feel confident that The Hiring Engine has given them a solution. They can now focus their hiring efforts on the best pre-screened applicants instead of sifting through hundreds of resumes, and Alliance as a whole can focus on their future. 

You save me from having to do some routine hiring steps, and that gives me back a bunch of time!

Brandy Reynhout

Alliance's Human Resources Team

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