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Improving the Applicant Review Experience

We’ve been working to improve the applicant review process at The Hiring Engine. When you next login, you’ll notice that there’s a new Need Review tab in the upper left that includes all the new applicants to look through who … Read More

Launching: Branded Careers Websites for your Company

To make sure you get the highest quality applicants, The Hiring Engine has launched branded Careers websites that are automatically created and updated from your jobs. Our Careers pages help you put your best foot forward to attract applicants and … Read More

Make and Accept Phone Calls through The Hiring Engine

Communication with applicants and coordination between everyone involved in the hiring process are two of the biggest hiring challenges. The Hiring Engine is making these easier by bringing calls into the fold. You can now both accept calls and call … Read More

Automating Employee Referrals and launching our ZipRecruiter Integration

At the core of any hiring process is getting as many high quality applicants as you can. Getting a big stack of resumes that are terrible fits for your job just wastes time. We’re excited to launch two features explicitly … Read More

Feature Launch: Reporting and Analytics on Your Hiring Process

We’re excited to be launching a series of new reporting and analytics on your hiring process that will make it easier to see how you’re doing compared to other companies and figure out where to focus to get more hires. … Read More

The Hiring Engine: New Name, Same Software and Team

Starting today, Expedition will be known as The Hiring Engine. Our goal is to make the hiring process as much like an engine as possible: you add gas or power and the engine runs, without you needing to tend to it. … Read More

building a map into candidates profile

Understanding an Applicant’s Commute Time to Improve Hiring (and more new features)

We’re excited to share new features in The Hiring Engine that let you quickly see the length of an applicant’s commute, create and edit new saved text messages and making it easy to add interviews to your Google calendar. Understand … Read More

Making hourly hiring faster by giving you the right to do list

Making Hourly Hiring Faster: The 10 Minutes a Day To Do List

We’re excited to launch a big interface update for The Hiring Engine in the form of a totally revised To Do List.  Our goal is to make your hourly hiring faster and more effective by giving you a short list … Read More

Laptop with Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising for Hiring Hourly Workers: An Introduction

In today’s labor market, job boards aren’t enough.  You can’t rely only on people proactively looking for a job because so many of the great people are currently in jobs (even if they don’t love them). By using Facebook advertising … Read More

Job boards won't solve hourly hiring by themselves

6 Ways to go beyond Job Boards for Hourly Workers

We’ve all seen the headlines or heard it on the radio: “We’ll post your job to 100’s of job boards in one-click”. These websites then show pictures of all the places they post the job, most of which you’ve never … Read More