Case Study

Lowering Costs for Alliance Beverage

Alliance Beverage saw firsthand how The Hiring Engine's automations drastically reduces the costs associated with hiring new employees

Smart Screening of Applicants

For each new candidate Alliance gets, The Hiring Engine instantly screens their application to identify any red flags

Automated Outreach

Alliance Beverage has more resources to spend on their staff from using The Hiring Engine's automated messaging

Success with Texting

The Hiring Engine makes it easy for Alliance to send texts right from a computer to their applicants

The Hiring Engine has become Alliance Beverage's sole hiring platform because of its ability to bring in exceptional candidates and reduce labor costs despite its low price point.

Alliance Beverage Distributing does business all over western Michigan. In business since 2013, Alliance has 3 distribution facilities, 5 sales offices, over 350 employees, and more than 5,000 customers across Michigan. Since the beginning, Alliance has been committed to the highest standards of performance and this commitment translates into hiring the best people.

Since Alliance's inception, the job market has gotten more cutthroat and fast-paced. With such a competitive environment, Alliance found that they needed to make their hiring process leaner and more efficient to succeed. Unfortunately, Alliance found that it could take more than an hour per applicant just to set up an interview or screening call. The need for additional help during the busy season grew to a point where the HR team ended up spending almost all their time and resources trying to chase down those few strong candidates in a sea of unqualified people.

Brandy, Susan, and Meaghan make up Alliance's core HR team. They all work together to ensure that every role gets filled, and every delivery makes it out the door. Despite putting in long hours and incredible effort, Alliance Beverage knew the costs were rising, while their hiring wasn't getting any more effective.

Alliance began losing its faith in traditional hiring practices and old outreach techniques.

Before The Hiring Engine

Despite spending hundreds of hours a year looking candidates, it wasn't always easy to get the right ones. Before The Hiring Engine, HR at Alliance relied almost entirely on hiring sites like Indeed and Michigan's unemployment board to bring in people. Paying for Indeed would produce hundreds of applicants, but only a few of the applicants would be qualified.

As any hiring manager knows, reviewing resumes can get tedious and ineffective after just a few hours. Screening applications, sending candidates to hiring managers, and scheduling interviews can take up a whole day for just one position.

Alliance beverage consistently hires for dozens of roles, so the manpower and labor costs involved are no small matter.

Every year the demand for talent has grown, and labor costs associated with hiring have increased as well. As Brandy describes it, "hiring is constant ... we were spending 90% of our time just getting candidates in the door". An unfortunate result is that Alliance suffered as a whole. Distribution facilities could end up short-staffed and production rates decreased.

Hiring is constant ... we were spending 90% of our time just getting candidates in the door

Brandy Reynhout

Alliance's Human Resources Team

With The Hiring Engine

Instead of spending another year trying to keep up with the massive volume of jobs they needed to fill, Alliance brought on The Hiring Engine to revolutionize their hiring practices. As a result, Alliance has filled dozens of positions for a fraction of the cost and time it took before.

Working with The Hiring Engine, Alliance Beverage only pays $115 for each new hire on top of labor costs, and (ADD AVERAGE TIME NEW JOB IS OPEN UNTIL FIRST HIR FOR ROLE). Compared to the national average of $4,000 and 42 days it takes to hire a new employee, Alliance is now saving thousands of dollars a year.

Automating to Save Manpower

Susan used to spend incredible amounts of time just trying to get ahold of those few promising job-seekers. As she puts it, Susan "could spend an hour, easily,  just sending voicemails".  Now, that hour can be spent reaching out to candidates that have already engaged with The Hiring Engine's automated messages.

Hiring unqualified or ineffective job-seekers hurt more than morale for Alliance. According to the US Dept. of Labor, a bad hire can cost a company like Alliance tens of thousands of dollars. Instead of wondering if a candidate has a certain license or certification, The Hiring Engine automatically reaches out on their behalf to candidates to get the answer.

Improved Efficiency with Text Messaging

The ability to hear from job-seekers right away sold Susan on The Hiring Engine. Originally, she would have to look for her notes on a candidate, make sure to mark them in Alliance's hiring spreadsheet, and then hope they answered the phone when she called. By adding in text messaging, she was now able to reach out to dozens of applicants and hear back from them just a few minutes later, saving her hours of effort.

As Susan puts it, "Texting has saved me the most effort, I no longer have to call people that just aren't going to answer". Similarly, Brandy no longer has to wait until the interview to see if a candidate is actually invested in the job, The Hiring Engine's automatic interest confirmation messages instantly gets her the answer. 

Getting the Best Candidates, First

Alliance is committed to the highest standards of performance, and that commitment translates into hiring the best people. Luckily, The Hiring Engine sources and screens all the applications from multiple job boards before it gets to Alliance, sending them the highest quality candidates for the least amount of effort on their end.

As Brandy puts it, "If I only have the time to review 5 or 10 people, I would like the best to be right in front of me". The Hiring Engine accomplishes this by ranking candidates based on their qualifications and experience, ensuring that the first applications Brandy and the others see are the best. 

Looking Forward:

Brandy, Susan, and Meaghan feel confident that The Hiring Engine has given them a solution. They can now focus their hiring efforts on only the best applicants, knowing that The Hiring Engine is doing the rest of the work for them. 

You save me from having to do some routine hiring steps, and that gives me back a bunch of time

Brandy Reynhout

Alliance's Human Resources Team

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