Hiring Automation for Businesses that Work

The Hiring Engine is a software platform that automates recruiting best practices so you hire the best people (not your competition).

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The Hiring Engine Solves Your Hiring Challenges

The Hiring Engine helps you fill your hourly worker roles by letting you use the same tools that big companies use.

1.) Get the best applicants for your job

The best candidates aren't spending their time on job boards. So how do you get them to apply? By running super targeted ads on social networks to get your job in front of the right people in the right locations with the right skills. From ad creation to optimization, The Hiring Engine automates it all. We'll also handle posting your job on Google, Indeed and more, automatically, so you don't miss anyone.

2.) Remove the time consuming gruntwork

A pile of bad applications does nothing more than waste your time. The Hiring Engine automatically follows up with candidates to request more information, filters out candidates who aren't good fits for the job, sends interview reminders, emails rejected applicants to let them know and preserve your brand, and more -> all so your team can spend your time on the things that matter.

3.) Build relationships with applicants

From a built-in text messaging platform with a local phone number for each job to pre-made templates and automated messages that feel personal, The Hiring Engine gives you a sleek set of tools to engage applicants quickly and effectively - rather than trading voicemails for days or waiting for calls that never come.

4.) Remove the guesswork and make things predictable

Your screening activity improves your hiring. Based on which applicants are good fits and which aren't, The Hiring Engine gets smarter and continuously improves your candidate pool.

The Hiring Engine is custom-built for hard-working businesses

How is it different?

Needles not haystacks

Other solutions charge you to blast your ad across free job sites, filling your inbox with unqualified and uninterested candidates. You get to sort through the mess. The Hiring Engine uses technology to put your ad in front of the right audiences and help you convert more great applicants into hires.

People not resumes

There's a big difference between a resume in your inbox and a candidate in your office. We bridge the gap. While other solutions stop with resumes in your inbox, we give you the tools to get your chosen candidates through the door to interview, so you can make a hiring decision.

Answers not questions

Successful recruiting is the product of many choices about how to find and attract great people. Hiring great people is critical to your business, but there are better things for you to be doing than figuring out how to recruit. We use data and software to solve the recruiting puzzle, so you don't have to.

The Hiring Engine has increased our flow of qualified and engaged applicants by 5x over the last few months and streamlines my team's hiring.
Trevor Forbes
President, Wyatt's Towing


Have questions? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do you differ from Indeed / ZipRecruiter?

The Hiring Engine goes far beyond job boards. The software builds, runs and optimizes ads to run on platforms like Facebook, posts jobs to Indeed, automatically texts back and forth with customers, sends interview reminders, and much more.

How do I get started?

Just shoot us your email to get started! We'll learn about your jobs and target candidate profile, build your customized smart ads, and start sourcing your candidates. We'll monitor your ads to make sure you're getting the best results.

Why can't I do this myself without software?

You can. In fact, the world's biggest companies have huge teams of people doing exactly that. But The Hiring Engine means you can do it without needing a huge team of dedicated recruiters, designers, and online advertisers.

Are you a staffing agency/headhunter?

No. We believe that you know best when it comes to choosing 'who' to hire. Our job is to help you find and engage them. You own the relationship and save on staffing premiums and contingency fees.

How do you charge?

We charge a monthly fee for the software which includes unlimited jobs and users. We'll also give you a discount if you decide to sign up for an annual plan.

Which industries do you work with?

The Hiring Engine is used across a wide range of industries, many of whom have hourly workers of all types. From trucking companies to manufacturing facilities to HVAC companies, our customers rely on having great people.